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WaW post Artifice, performed at the DANscienCE Festival, 2015

WaW post Artifice, performed at the DANscienCE Festival, 2015

11066704_10153275691648313_1381992713211700407_nJames and Michelle



Our teachers, Wendy Wallace and Wendy McPhee call their company WAW. Both are extraordinarily talented dancers, beautiful to watch, with very impressive dance careers spanning several decades. Although they have quite different styles, both are brilliant teachers; equally skilled at giving class participants a viable belief in themselves.

The Wendys have a boundless enthusiasm, with a strong commitment to ensure every woman in the group, will be able to share the dance, free of anxiety, alight with anticipation of “what next, bring it on!” Something I was sure I’d never be able to feel.

Everybody does their best to get it right, whilst experiencing laughter, joy and a sense of achievement from extending ourselves. I am amazed and delighted with how far I have come, from just six years ago, not dancing at all, to loving every minute of it. With the constant and highly valued support of others in the group, I am consistently bowling over hurdles I erected, over several decades of believing I couldn’t.

Others in the group, although not as lacking in basic dance skills as I was, are overjoyed with how far, with mutual support, the group has come. I know I speak for everyone, when I say we are truly surprised and gratified with what we have achieved.

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