Saturday Dance Group – Ageing Creatively

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Everybody does their best to get it right, whilst experiencing laughter, joy and a sense of achievement from extending ourselves. I am amazed and delighted with how far I have come, from just six years ago, not dancing at all, to loving every minute of it. With the constant and highly valued support of others in the group, I am consistently bowling over hurdles I erected, over several decades of believing I couldn’t.

Others in the group, although not as lacking in basic dance skills as I was, are overjoyed with how far, with mutual support, the group has come. I know I speak for everyone, when I say we are truly surprised and gratified with what we have achieved.

See below – first, Saturday Dancers ageing creatively whilst feeling good after a heartwarming response to our performance of at the DanSCIENce Festival in Brisbane 2015.

Next, us having fun warming up and on stage post performance a fund shot. Both taken when we were given the enormous privilege of participating in Everyday Requiem (Natalie Weir’s last show with Expressions Dance Company) and The Australian Voices. At QPAC no less. May I say, we were star struck for a month.

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