Dementia Awareness Education

What you need to know about dementia to become a Dementia Friend and subsequently create a Dementia Friendly Place

People affected by dementia can still do many things with a little help from their friends.

Dementia does not take away a person’s ability to enjoy life unless, those around them have no idea what it is they need to do to make it possible for the person living with the syndrome to engage with others and subsequently make the most of the life they have left.

An Active Response to Ageing and Dementia

Use it or lose it

Use it and grow some more

It is never too late, to start

Who Should Attend

Anyone interested in:

  • Making their organisation/facility/town or city a Dementia Friendly Place to be.
  • Learning more about what dementia is and what it is not;
  • Becoming a Dementia Friend
  • Assisting people affected by dementia to remain in their community and thus live a happier life;
  • How to age well and reduce your risk of dementia

Contact Beverley at if you want to talk about organising a dementia awareness session in your town or for people in your organisation.

 “When better is possible, good is not enough.”


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Come Dance With Me – How to establish a class in your area.

Creative dance as offered to people with dementia in the Come Dance With Me Classes (see home page) has the potential to bring joy and purpose into the lives of people living with dementia. At last, something wonderful for a person to do where there is no wrong way, only their way. Freeman wrote: to dance, is to engage in rhythmic movements that invite corresponding movements by others. It is an inclusive, transformative and very effective way of communicating, especially those emotions and feelings, a person may no longer be able to express in words.

Dance and movement generally, focus on strengths and abilities, on personal potential, rather than difficulties and deficits. People with dementia still have so much to offer and the joy and fulfilment dance brings, should be a readily available right, wherever a person lives, whether at home or in a residential care facility.