Come Dance With Me


Recall old steps from memory, choose to create new ones, no matter, there is no wrong way, only your way. Designed to engage people living with dementia, these dance events are a great success, lots of fun, exercise and joyful expression through movement. We have seen some inspiring results both in increased sociability, sustained friendships, moments of fun and truly inspiring creativity, and exciting, heart warming improvements in cognitive function. This is most obvious in the domains of communication, increased ability to focus, pay attention, concentrate and stay in the moment, orientation to time place and person and a very rewarding decrease in  periods of anxiety. For me, possibly the best of all, is the strength of the friendships developed and the wonderful way participants support each other through down times and boost each other ‘s self esteem as they achieve milestones together.

Come Dance with Me movement and dance class is led by Beverley Giles OAM.  Venue and attendance is facilitated by Sue Mackley. WaW Dance volunteer Robyn Holdway has been with us from the start and we have regular support, as required from other WaW Dance volunteers.  Every class is carefully planned to be a joyful, fun filled and failure free social gathering for people affected by dementia.

Although the class is set up for people living with dementia, each person is there as a dancer not a sufferer or any such label. The class has been going for nearly four years and a great time is had by all. Partners are welcome and morning tea is an acknowledged highlight. The class is held on Tuesday Morning for six weeks at a time, with a one week break between each six week block. The current  round began on 10th July, 2018 until 14th August to break for one week and begin again on 28th August until 2nd October.  Come Dance With Me is held in the hall at Dementia Friendly Metropolitan Hub, 22 Qualtrough Street, Wooloongabba from 10 am to 12. pm. For more information contact me at:

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